The Complete Guide to Cold Sore Laser Treatment

Learn everything you need to know about using laser therapy to treat cold sores. This complete guide covers the benefits, procedures, effectiveness and more.

Advice From a Doctor: How Dental Health Affects Your Body’s Health

The Link Between Oral and Overall WellnessEngaging in a holistic approach to care implies an “observance of the whole”1. In other words, the individual is recognized as a whole person with multidimensional aspects of wellness. Thus, in order to maintain true health, all facets of the being must be considered. Therefore, when engaging in holistic medicine, the health of the oral environment serves as an integral area for reflection. Research continues to illustrate the synergistic relationship between oral health and overall wellness.2 When disharmony is detected in the mouth, it can be an indication of systemic disease. Furthermore, localized oral imbalance should be addressed in order to prevent it from translating to greater issues throughout the body.  The Common Denominator: Inflammation  When exploring the connection between oral health and systemic health, the primary factor often relates to inflammation. There is ...