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Dr. Sharon Dickerson supports individuals on their path towards ultimate health with state-of-the-art, biologically sound dental care. In the process, our team aims to provide an environment that uplifts the vitality of our patients, ushering them through transformations with trust, expertise, and joyful collaboration.

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We offer an array of biological dental services that address both function and cosmetics, while thoughtfully advocating for each individual’s customized needs. Click here to explore our complete list of offerings!

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I’ve known Dr. Dickerson for close to a decade and continue to be impressed both by her knowledge of biological dentistry and her approach to patient care. I am a functional nutritionist, so I understand the importance of oral/dental health and their role in maintaining a healthy gut and overall health of the body. I’ve had a number of clients get “stuck” in their health journey, only to discover that they had infected root canals or amalgam fillings that were keeping them sick after months, years, or even decades spent trying to heal. I’m so grateful to have her as a resource and all of my clients have loved working with her!