How Our Holistic Dental Cleanings Are Different

By Dr. Sharon Dickerson DDS

In alignment with our biological approach to patient care, the dental cleanings provided at Dr. Sharon Dickerson are intentionally created to support each patient’s individual, holistic needs. Here are some of the things we incorporate into our hygiene appointments that provide an elevated level of care: 

  • Use of Ozone: Our office strongly believes in the healing properties of ozone. During every hygiene appointment, patients are provided with nasal and ear insufflation as well as an ozonated oral rinse.
  • Holistically Trained Hygienist: The hygienists at our office are all professionally trained in biological dental protocols which they implement during all appointments. Our caring team members will take ample time with each patient to review all questions and provide a thorough cleaning. They will also screen for indications of systemic disharmony that often first present in the mouth.1
  • Ultrasonic Technology: In the past, cleanings were performed solely with manual instruments, such as hand scalers. At our office, we offer more advanced technology and perform most hygiene appointments with an ultrasonic scaler. This tool uses electromagnetic forces to create vibration that removes plaque, calculus, and stains. For patients, this is much more comfortable than traditional methods of removal and takes one-third of the original time.7
  • Biocompatible Products: As in all areas of our dental care, our office is dedicated to using the most biocompatible products available. This means that we carefully source each dental product to ensure that it will not disrupt your body’s homeostasis. In that light, all dental cleanings at our office are performed without the use of fluoride.8 We offer non-fluoride alternatives that help keep your enamel strong and healthy. 
  • Comfortable Environment: Dr. Sharon Dickerson works thoughtfully to create a trauma informed environment. In an effort to make all appointments at our office supportive, we ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible. Each treatment room is equipped with ergonomic patient chairs that feature heating and massage functions, and our team is specially trained to provide genuine, caring hospitality. 

Why Oral Hygiene is Important for Dental Health

It is widely accepted within the dental community that in addition to daily at-home care, routine dental cleanings help ensure optimal oral health. During a hygiene appointment, any plaque or tartar is removed from the teeth which prevents serious dental decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Furthermore, these cleanings support the patient in maintaining a healthy bacterial balance (good breath!), feeling of oral cleanliness, and naturally white appearance of teeth. As an added safety precaution, your hygienist will also perform thorough mouth and throat screenings for cancer.1

Why Oral Hygiene is Important for Systemic Health 

Having poor oral hygiene can have a negative impact on your whole-body well-being in the following ways: 

  • Heart Health: There is a growing amount of research indicating that gum disease may be linked to heart disease.2, 3
  • Periodontitis & Your Body: The bacteria present in periodontitis readily enters the bloodstream through gum tissue. This can lead to respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and problematic blood sugar management in diabetics.4
  • Oral Microbiome & Disease: Serving as the initial point of entry to the digestive tract, the oral cavity plays a critical role in your body’s microbiome. With over 700 bacterial species found in the mouth, oral microbial dysbiosis (imbalance) can have negative ramifications on your overall health, such as: gastrointestinal diseases, liver cirrhosis, pancreatic cancer, nervous system diseases, endocrine system diseases, adverse pregnancy outcomes, obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome, and immune system diseases.5,6

Thankfully, when daily dental care is combined with regular holistic hygiene appointments, patients can decrease their overall toxicity and support systemic vitality. 

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