What is Bioclear?

Bioclear is a technique used to address smile rejuvenation, cavities, broken or worn teeth, and black triangles. This process achieves long-lasting results, while also preserving more of the natural tooth structure than other more traditional methods. In order to illustrate the transformational impact that Bioclear offers our patients, we invite you to explore the following case studies.

How does Bioclear treatment address black triangles?

Here are some reasons why our dentists and patients prefer ceramic to metal implants:

Nearly 30% of adults have black triangles,2 which are gaps between teeth that result from the absence of gum tissue.3 These dark spaces are often a cosmetic concern for patients. Furthermore, these pockets can create an environment where food debris become trapped, often causing plaque build-up and decay. Bioclear offers a state-of-the-art solution for repairing black triangles; creating a more stable oral environment and thus ultimately elevating the vitality of the entire systemic body.

Two Bioclear Case Studies– Diagnosis

As can be noted in these photos, both patients presented with black triangles on their lower arch. The gumline indicates recession, leading to gaps between teeth at their base. For these patients, Bioclear is an optimal treatment option that can provide a non-invasive, cost-effective, and long-lasting solution to their oral disharmony. 

How does Bioclear Treatment work? – The Clinical Process

Bioclear is administered using sets of carefully crafted forms, which are then filled with a biocompatible composite material. After the form is removed, the dentist implements their masterful artistry in sculpting the final configuration, which ultimately results in a customized, healthy, and vital smile.1

Bioclear Treatment Case Study Results


Both patients in this case study benefited from the following positive results of Bioclear treatment: 

    • Closure of black triangles – gaps along the gumline (between teeth) are no longer present  
    • Immediate results – full treatment completed in one appointment 
    • Prevention of further gum recession – providing a more stable gumline and avoiding loss of teeth 
    • Smile rejuvenation – cosmetic care to offer patients an esthetically pleasing smile 

-July 2020

I went to see Dr. Dickerson because she was recommended as one of the top dentists doing Bioclear in the Denver area.  Dr. Dickerson and her staff were very helpful answering all of my questions about the procedure.  It’s been about a week since having it done and I’m very happy with the results.  If you’re thinking about doing Bioclear, make an appointment with Dr. Dickerson!  – Elon L.

person smiling
person smiling

Bioclear Treatment FAQ’s

What is the ongoing maintenance required for Bioclear treated teeth? 

  • At-home care for Bioclear treated teeth follows the same standard oral hygiene protocols (flossing, brushing, etc.). Patients will want to avoid any products that contain sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. Minimal annual maintenance may be provided by your dentist as required. 

What are the ingredients in Bioclear? 

  • Bioclear is a resin-based product that often tests as biocompatible for our patients. 

How long does the restoration last? 

  • With proper care and maintenance, Bioclear treatment often lasts 10 years or more! 


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