What is GLO® Science Pro?

By Dr. Sharon Dickerson DDS

GLO® is an unparalleled teeth whitening system that provides long lasting results without pain, sensitivity, and long appointments. 
GLO® is the only system to utilize controlled illuminating heat, which eliminates the need for harmful high temperature lights and toxic materials. Thus, GLO® is considered one of the most effective and biologically safe systems for whitening in dentistry.

What Makes GLO® the Best Holistic Option? 

There are several features that we feel separate this product from the rest of the marketplace:

  1. The GLO® whitening agent is much improved over the traditional teeth whitening products, which often break down into caustic chemicals as they are activated.
  2. The patented illuminating heat mouthpiece for in-office use allows much faster whitening (in just 16 minutes!) without the typical sensitivity, dehydration, and painful zingers of past whitening systems.
  3. The unique GLO® system allows for whitening up to 12 shades lighter in much less time than traditional teeth whitening systems.
  4. GLO® system offers in-office and take-home options to suit our clients’ specific needs and budgets. The combination of the two provides the most optimal results as well as the ability to do at-home touch ups over time.
  5. GLO®  is a trusted product, having received 23 patents and numerous industry awards, including 4 Thomas Edison Awards for innovation.3

Why Invest in a Brighter Smile? 

Research shows that smiling releases neuropeptides, which are small molecules in our brain that help to decrease stress. This then impacts other neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, which means that smiling helps increase our overall happiness and health.1 Unfortunately, studies show that 70% of Americans feel self-conscious about their smile and, as a result, 57% cover their mouths when they laugh.2 

One aspect of insecurity can center around the whiteness of teeth, discoloration, and/or staining. By investing in a whiter smile, many patients report an increased sense of self-confidence and emotional harmony. This psychological shift can then have positive impacts on an individual’s whole-body health.4 For example, a whiter smile can decrease social anxiety. In turn, lower anxiety levels allow one to better remain in a parasympathetic state (i.e., quiet “rest and digest” conditions). Finally, by spending more time in parasympathetic states can decrease systemic inflammation, which is often a root cause of disease.5

In other words, having a white smile that boosts self-esteem could translate into greater happiness and wellness in all areas of life! 

Is GLO® Science Pro Right for Me? 

Can you imagine yourself with a beautiful, healthy, white smile that increases your self-confidence and radiates your inner joy? If you’d like a holistic option for achieving the smile of your dreams, Dr. Dickerson and our team would be delighted to support you! 

Please feel welcome to contact our office at 720.842.7002. We would love to begin the conversation about how we can best advocate for your dental and whole-body vitality! 

Additional GLO® FAQ’s

  • Is GLO® safe?
    • Yes, GLO® was developed by a practicing dentist and has been proven safe and effective after multiple clinical studies. It is also registered with the FDA. 
  • Is In-Office Teeth Whitening Worth It?
    • There is no better way to whiten your teeth than to do so under the care and guidance of a licensed dental professional. Your dentist can provide a “whitening evaluation” to determine the best course of action to achieve the results you are seeking. The concentration gel used in over-the-counter products is lower than the medical grade solutions dentists have access to, therefore the results are often much better when care is provided in-office by a dentist. 
  • How Long Do In-Office Teeth Whitening Results Last?
    • Results from in-office teeth whitening generally lasts between six and twelve months. Good oral hygiene will help results to last as long as possible. Everyone has a slightly different dental makeup and so your dentist will be able to determine the best course of action for long lasting results, including maintenance and upkeep.6


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