Patient First Visit

Comprehensive Analysis and Outcome-Based Treatment Planning

Dr. Dickerson offers an initial non-clinical meeting in a consultative environment to learn about your history and to understand your highest priorities for your future dental health. From this base of understanding, a thorough oral/dental diagnosis is made utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostics, including cone beam 3D analysis when necessary. Your treatment plan will be carefully developed based on your individual goals and needs.

Often, treatment can be staged over the course of time without sacrificing the ultimate goal of long-term health, aesthetics, comfort, and function. In the best of health care partnerships, an organic process of co-discovery and collaborative thought process leads to the most positive and impactful results. Our practice is designed to feel comfortable, peaceful, and highly professional.

Our Mission



To assist individuals on their path toward ultimate health with state-of-the-art, biologically sound dental care. In the process, we aim to provide an environment that uplifts the vitality and wellbeing of our collaborative, health-centered network of clients and allied care providers.

Building a Foundation of Trust

By meeting in a non-clinical setting, Dr. Dickerson will get to know you and learn about your unique vision for long-term health and vitality. Our team is committed to helping you achieve dental health and function that supports your highest values.

Your Clinical Examination

Our approach is designed to help you completely understand your current state of dental health. This analysis includes a comprehensive examination of your jaw joints and muscles (TMJ), your supportive tissues including gums and the supporting jaw bone, the way your teeth operate in chewing function, the health of each individual tooth, and the state of existing dental restorations. From this base of understanding, we develop a customized approach to your future treatment decisions.

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