Ozone in Biological Dentistry

By Dr. Sharon Dickerson DDS

What Is Ozone?

Ozone is most commonly known for its vital role in maintaining earth’s ecological harmony, and for the way in which it interacts with air pollutants at the ground-level (earth’s lower atmosphere).However, ozone is also harnessed for medical application in various fields, including biological dentistry.2

Ozone (an O3 molecule) is an activated form of Oxygen (an O2 molecule). Ozone behaves very differently from the oxygen we breathe. Molecules of ozone are much more oxidative and energetic than oxygen molecules.3 These essential molecular qualities are what make ozone such a valuable resource in therapeutic application.

How Ozone Supports Systemic Health

Ozone has been utilized as a healing modality for over a century, with its effectiveness first gaining true recognition and documentation during WWI. It was later adopted in 1950 as a commonly accepted medical treatment in Germany, with world-wide implementation growing from that point forward.4

Today, ozone is regarded as having antimicrobial, bactericidal, viricidal, and fungicidal qualities.Furthermore, ozone has anti-inflammatory properties, positively impacts blood flow/circulation, stimulates the neuro-endocrine system, and increases the effectiveness of the body’s antioxidant enzyme system.6

How Ozone Supports Oral Health

Within the biological dental community, ozone is applied in the following ways:

  • Care for Pathology: treatment of caries, periodontal disease, oral viral/fungal infections7, and tooth sensitivity8
  • Oral Pre-Rinse: to irrigate periodontal pockets and decrease harmful bacteria9
  • Enhance Dental Cleanings: Both nasal and ear insufflation are received by the patient throughout the hygiene appointment, which ensures dislodged bacteria is efficiently detoxed through the lymphatic system10
  • Surgical Procedures: irrigation and localized insufflation are used to reduce scaring, decrease chances of infection, and expedite healing11

When administered following recommended protocols, ozone in biological dentistry has been proven to be a highly effective modality of treatment with very minimal and easily preventable side effects.12

Does Dr. Sharon Dickerson DDS Use Ozone?

Dr. Dickerson has been trained and certified in the use of ozone therapy in holistic dentistry. She has been incorporating ozone in patient care for many years. Our office uses a Longevity ozone generator13 to provide our patients with medical grade ozone insufflation, injections, rinses, and oils when appropriate. Our patients get the benefit of receiving world-class biological dentistry with the application of ozone, all from the comfort of our ergonomic, heated, massaging patient chairs! 😊 We invite you to call us today (720.842.7002) and learn if dental ozone might support your oral vitality!

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