Your Complete Guide to Bioclear Black Triangle Treatment in 2024

Considering bioclear for black triangle treatment? Read our 2024 guide on using bioclear to fix dark gums and improve your smile confidence.

Discovering the Beauty of Bioesthetic Dental Care

Explore the comprehensive approach to Bioesthetic Dental Care. Restore balance, preserve tooth structures, and enhance aesthetics for optimal oral health.

Mercury-Safe Dentistry

What is Mercury? Mercury-safe dentistry relates to the chemical element, Mercury (Hg). This is a heavy metal that naturally occurs within the Earth’s crust. It can take three forms: elemental, inorganic, and organic.1 Within the natural world, mercury is generally not found in a liquid form. Mercury in Dentistry When discussing mercury within the dental industry, it is most commonly referred to as amalgam. Dental amalgam is a liquid metal alloy mixture, the largest component of which is mercury (50% elemental mercury by weight).[2-4] Dental amalgam is also commonly referred to as a silver filling, metal filling, or mercury filling. It is often visibly detectable in the mouth based on its metallic display. However, even if the exterior of a crown or bridge presents as “white”, it is sometimes the case that mercury amalgam is encased underneath the restoration. The potential impact to human health ...

Ozone in Biological Dentistry

What Is Ozone? Ozone is most commonly known for its vital role in maintaining earth’s ecological harmony, and for the way in which it interacts with air pollutants at the ground-level (earth’s lower atmosphere).1 However, ozone is also harnessed for medical application in various fields, including biological dentistry.2 Ozone (an O3 molecule) is an activated form of Oxygen (an O2 molecule). Ozone behaves very differently from the oxygen we breathe. Molecules of ozone are much more oxidative and energetic than oxygen molecules.3 These essential molecular qualities are what make ozone such a valuable resource in therapeutic application. How Ozone Supports Systemic Health Ozone has been utilized as a healing modality for over a century, with its effectiveness first gaining true recognition and documentation during WWI. It was later adopted in 1950 as a commonly accepted medical treatment in Germany, with world-wide implementation ...