Bioclear Case Study

What is Bioclear?Bioclear is a technique used to address smile rejuvenation, cavities, broken or worn teeth, and black triangles. This process achieves long-lasting results while also preserving more of the natural tooth structure than other more traditional methods. In order to illustrate the transformational impact that Bioclear offers our patients, we invite you to explore the following case studies.  Patient 1 – Before Patient 2 – Before Patient 1 – After Patient 2 – After References

5 Benefits of Bioclear Treatment

What is Bioclear?  Bioclear is a minimally invasive form of restoration that uses an innovative technique to effectively treat black triangles, cavities, and aesthetic concerns, while preserving the organic tooth structure and delivering natural-looking results. At Dr. Sharon Dickerson, we combine this technology with our biological approach to dentistry, providing our patients with comprehensive & holistic oral care.  5 Benefits of Bioclear  How Bioclear Works The Bioclear treatment is administered using sets of carefully crafted forms which are then filled with a biocompatible composite material. After the form is removed, the dentist implements their masterful artistry in sculpting the final configuration that ultimately results in a customized, healthy, and vital smile.     Is Bioclear right for you?  When determining if Bioclear is appropriate for you, Dr. Dickerson will begin by facilitating a comprehensive exam. During this appointment, she will seek to ...