About Carly Rae

Education and Credentials:

  • Bachelors of Arts Degree, Hospitality Management Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK –  Valedictorian


  • 10 Year Immersion in Holistic Health 
  • Support Facilitating: PEMF, ozone therapy, hyperbaric chamber, infrared sauna, integrative chiropractic care, yoga, acupuncture, Reiki, breathwork, and functional medicine
  • Published Author in the academic Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality & Tourism
  • Guest Speaker at 2022 OBI Annual Session 

Training / CE Attended

  • OBI Annual Summits and Doctor Case Presentations 
  • SDS Introduction & Principles CE  
  • HIPAA/OSHA Certified 
  • BLS & CPR Certified 
  • SMART Certified 
  • Solea Laser Introduction & Principles CE 
  • Ozone Certified 
  • Harassment Prevention & Sensitivity Training Certified 

Carly serves as the Business Manager at Dr.Dickerson DDS – Holistic & Biological Dentistry, contributing her skills and expertise to the efficient functioning of the practice. With a background in Hospitality Management and a track record in various administrative roles, Carly brings a unique blend of organizational prowess and customer-focused experience to the dental team. Her responsibilities encompass overseeing daily operations, managing appointments, and ensuring a smooth and welcoming environment for patients. Carly’s commitment to excellence in both education and professional roles reflects her dedication to supporting the success of the dental practice she manages.

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