Ceramic Implants

What are ceramic implants?  Dental implants are one possible form of restoration when there is tooth loss and replacement is necessary. A dental implant is a surgical element that affixes within the jaw in order to provide a stable support for a dental prosthesis (e.g., a crown). Ceramic implants are metal-free dental implants crafted from ceramic zirconia dioxide.22,23  What are the benefits of ceramic implants?  Here are some reasons why Dr. Dickerson and our patients prefer ceramic to metal implants: Photo credit: Swiss Dental Solutions Are ceramic implants better than titanium implants?  While there are advantages and disadvantages to both ceramic and titanium implants, the potentially harmful implications of titanium on whole-body health have led our practitioners to favor ceramic implants. However, each person’s biological composition is uniquely different. Thus, the decision to use titanium vs. ceramic implants should be ...

Bioclear Case Study

What is Bioclear?Bioclear is a technique used to address smile rejuvenation, cavities, broken or worn teeth, and black triangles. This process achieves long-lasting results while also preserving more of the natural tooth structure than other more traditional methods. In order to illustrate the transformational impact that Bioclear offers our patients, we invite you to explore the following case studies.  Patient 1 – Before Patient 2 – Before Patient 1 – After Patient 2 – After References

The 5 Elements to Avoid During your Next Dental Visit

The 5 Elements to Avoid During your Next Dental Visit As with any medical field, the commonly accepted principles in dentistry continue to evolve with time. With perpetual innovation and greater understanding through research, dentists are provided with greater insight for how to best care for their patients. Furthermore, within the biological dental community, practitioners are routinely searching for ways to safeguard their patient’s overall well-being in addition to their dental health. In that light, it is also vital that providers stay informed about elements of care that may pose potential harm to their patients. The following list details 5 things that both patients and practitioners should be aware to avoid during holistic dental care:  Chart derived from International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology18 As individuals explore options for their dental vitality, we encourage everyone to consider modalities that ...