Mercury-Safe Dentistry

What is Mercury? Mercury-safe dentistry relates to the chemical element, Mercury (Hg). This is a heavy metal that naturally occurs within the Earth’s crust. It can take three forms: elemental, inorganic, and organic.1 Within the natural world, mercury is generally not...

What is Biological Dentistry?

What is Biological Dentistry? Biological dentistry is an approach to dental care that acknowledges the critical impact that oral health has on one’s overall well-being. The mouth is connected to the whole body through an elegant network of muscles, bones, blood,...

COVID-19 Dental Protocols

Dynamic Dental Solutions will be re-opening on May 11th. Our team has always held the health and wellbeing of our patients as our primary focus and this, of course, remains true now. We are dedicated to adhering to the health regulations and guidelines recommended by...

Our Mission

To assist individuals on their path toward ultimate health with state-of-the-art, biologically sound dental care. In the process, we aim to provide an environment that uplifts the vitality and wellbeing of our collaborative, health-centered network of clients and allied care providers.

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