Meet the Staff

Carly Rae

Upon graduating from Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland, Carly dedicated several years to implementing her business education within the field of hospitality management. During this time, she capitalized on her innate ability to foster welcoming & comfortable environments for customers, while also developing her aptitude for delivering high-level professional care.

Carly then spent several years living abroad working within the field of business administration for a variety of organizations. As a result, she is able to rely on a diverse set of skills to meet a wide range of patient needs and is equipped to incorporate the most innovative technologies, ensuring efficient and personalized care. Carly’s passion for meaningful communication and personal connection is also uniquely incorporated in her role as Business Manager.

Once relocated in Denver, Carly’s own journey towards true health propelled her to work at two separate local holistic centers. During her time at these practices, she helped facilitate the offering of modalities including: PEMF, ozone therapy, hyperbaric chamber, infrared sauna, integrative chiropractic care, yoga, acupuncture, Reiki, breathwork, and functional medicine. Her experience with these healing services, coupled with her lifelong exposure to biological dentistry provides her with a unique education and capacity to relate to patients seeking alternative therapeutic care.

Based on her personal experience and those witnessed in patients, Carly has a deep appreciation for implementing a comprehensive approach to wellness. She is delighted to combine her passion for vitality with her background in business management to dynamically support patients during their time in Dr. Dickerson’s care.