Our Dr. Popp featured in The Journal of Ceramic Implantology

Synopsis of: A case report: A path towards health trough multi-unit immediate implantation using the Swiss Biohealth All IN ONE concept

Written by: Dr. Corbin Popp, Dr. Ulrich Volz, Dr. Josephine Tietje, Dr. Rebekka Hueber, Paul Kilanowski
Published in: The Journal of Ceramic Implantology
January/February 2020

Within the field of biological dentistry, the immediate implantation of zirconium dioxide implants (ZrO2 implants) is now being routinely practiced. Research is indicating that immediate implantation is advantageous as it relates to preserving soft tissue (ex. gingiva/gums) and hard tissue profiles following tooth extraction, preventing the need for bone augmentation, decreasing surgical timelines for patients, and offering high integration/success rates.¹ Additionally, placing ceramic implants (as opposed to metal implants) offers the patients a higher level of biocompatibility, resistance to corrosion, decreased risk of periimplantitis, low affinity for plaque accumulation, sustained high flexural strength, and improved esthetics due to ivory coloring.¹ Ultimately, immediate implantation of ZrO2 implants are providing patients with success & survival rates equal to that of titanium implants¹, while also offering additional factors that could better support systemic health.

This article presents a case study of a 57-year-old female who was treated collaboratively by Dr. Corbin Popp and Swiss Biohealth Clinic in Switzerland. Prior to her introduction to biological dentistry, the patient had already undergone many dental therapies such as jaw (bimaxillary) surgery, titanium implants, and fixed orthodontic treatment. However, she still continued to suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), bite misalignment/disharmony, symptomatic titanium implants, and severe systemic health issues.¹ In fact, “since her first bimaxillary surgery, she had been suffering from chronic pain in her head and jaw, skin rashes, skin sores and a continual, intense feeling of pressure in her head.”¹

The treatment for this patient included biocompatibility testing that indicated a sensitivity to titanium and a metal allergy. Thus, she underwent surgery at Swiss Biohealth (following strict biological protocols) to remove her metal plates and replace her titanium implants with zirconia implants. “Immediately after completion of the operation, the patient felt relieved from her persistent head pressure.”¹ The patient then underwent bite rejuvenation therapy to restore optimal occlusion and reduce TMJ symptoms.

Following her biological dental care, the patient saw a dramatic transformation in both her oral and systemic health. She regained energy/restful sleep, cognitive function, and coordination. Additionally, her anxiety, light/sound/physical touch/emotional/EMF sensitivity, facial rashes, and head pressure significantly reduced.¹

Before/after photos of tooth implants with patient smile

  1. Popp, Dr. Corbin, et al. “A Case Report: A Path towards Health Trough Multi Unit Immediate Implantation Using the Swiss Biohealth All in ONE Concept.” JOCI-Zirconia Implants, vol. 11, no. 1, Jan. 2021, pp. 26–30. Accessed 27 Oct. 2021.

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